But once you have that in place, you can accept global payments. Through our connections with payment gateways and acquiring banks, we provide payment services to transit and mobility providers anywhere in the world. “We are very pleased to have our platform validated as Visa Ready certified. Start accepting crypto payments on your store with our secure and easy-setup white-label crypto payments plugin.

white label cryptocurrency payment processor

With high level of customization, it allows to set the products up and running within several days. If you’re ready to accept cryptocurrency payments from around the world, or if you’re in the crypto industry, get in touch with our specialist team today. Total ControlPayment processing https://xcritical.com/ just got a lot easier. Total Control is the one-stop platform for smarter, faster payment solutions. Our team of experienced professionals will help you avoid the many complex and unnecessary problems in payment processing. Making taking payments as seamless and secure as possible.

Evercode White Label Crypto Wallet

To put it simply, a company puts its logo and branding on the customised solution to use as their own. A payment gateway with White label cryptocurrency guarantees many benefits for any company because the financial system is not an area where you should take risks. The main thing is to choose a reliable business partner. Choosing the right payment gateway is considered one of the keys to the success and development of any company. Many business people are thinking about integrating payments into their software or application. As crypto transactions become increasingly popular worldwide, secure and fast financial transactions with digital assets play a significant role for organizations unfamiliar with crypto coins.

  • Implementing a white Label cryptocurrency payment gateway solution provider saves you time in all of the above areas.
  • They have a wide range of SDKs and APIs for integrations.
  • For example our range of shopping cart modules that will help to board clients from a large range of e-commerce platforms, such as integrations with the giant Shopify and popular WordPress plugins.
  • Virtual TerminalTake card-not-present transactions securely from any device.
  • White label gateway is a whole system of crypto payment gateways from which business people and companies process virtual transactions under their brand through other services.

For example our range of shopping cart modules that will help to board clients from a large range of e-commerce platforms, such as integrations with the giant Shopify and popular WordPress plugins. In other words, a company may put its logo and data on customized solutions while the primary brand of the manufacturer disappears. From this point on, the product becomes the company’s property; it can be used to build a brand white label payment gateway and work with customers. When you establish your own payment gateway, you save the fees charged by third-party providers. However, keep in mind that developing your own payment gateway is a business endeavour on its own, and entails a significant amount of time, labor, maintenance, and other unforeseen fees. In addition, White Label Companies offer extensive anti-fraud tactics and solutions with a range of settings.

Works very well and support is excellent

Card ReadersCustomise your card payment solution with a range of card readers. Your members and customers can easily manage their account from your platform with realtime balance updates. Our solutions are designed to fully integrate with your existing systems and providers. With personalisation, you can decide how your brand’s cards will look for your customers.

Our contactless open loop payments platform, integrated with ‘Littlepay Ready’ payment readers, payment gateways and acquirers. As previously stated, creating your own gateway from scratch demands a significant expenditure, and even then, there is a risk that the resulting product will be inoperable or outdated. This issue, however, can be addressed if you use a third-party solution, such as the one provided by COINQVEST.

Think cards. Think Optimus.

Whether there’s a need for physical or virtual solutions, we provide cards for young people that grow with your customers. To rebrand Cardstream’s Payment Gateway UK has a low set-up cost and rebranding fees. Developing a payment gateway in-house can be extremely expensive with many additional costs and high transaction fees. A smart and sophisticated gateway solution takes a lot of time and skill to build and maintain. When multiple companies utilize the White label platform, it becomes slower.

white label cryptocurrency payment processor